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Aloha, I'm Mijael - BRAND creator and activator - passionate MARKETING strategist.

After 15 years of experience in branding, business development and marketing I have polished an extensive skill set in various industries. 


.MCK is specialised in creating marketing strategies based on Web3 revolutions that aim to make brands leaders in their industry.




A brand has to speak in the language of the target market, connect and communicate brand ethics and create a level of trust from the start.

Brand creation

From idea to manifestation, we deliver to you a full creative package with brand guidelines and all you need to start marketing your newly created brand

brand activation (development)

Positioning your brand in the market with the right message to the right audience is crucial for success. 

brand redesign

As a brand it is important to constantly innovate, stay ahead of the market and be a front-leader in innovating technologies.

social media content
website content
event promotion


The power of social media allows brands to communicate and engage with their audience in a highly targeted way. 


The quality of the online experience a brand provides for their customers will determine wether they convert into loyal customers.

wordpress site development
e-commerce website
monthly website maintenance retainer
WEB3 applications

The decentralised web, the new generation of internet based on Blockchain technology

Cryptocurrency integrations
NFT campaign


The age of Blockchain is a once in a lifetime opportunity for brands to innovate before 99% of the world does.


Virtual reality will play an important part in company strategies over the coming years, VR is a great tool to get customers more engaged through brand experiences.

Metaverse development

A new reality built by 3D elements created to provide a next-level experience to your customers

VR revenue streams

Virtual reality provides an opportunity for brands  to engage with potential customers in a highly interactive way

VR Events

Fairs are a great way to attract new customers and identify the ideal target market of a product or service

Featured Work

Medical industry 

Menshealth Ireland

Website redesign & social media content creation and growth

Virtual reality 

Vrai Simulation

Redesign brand & custom web development

Dance music (charity)

Set For Love 

Content creation for event promotion

Travel Agency 

Follow your Heart

Brand & Web Development



Brand creation & content production (video)



Artist Website Development

Consult .MCK is a marketer  and early adopter of Web3 technologies, specialised into Blockchain integrations such as crypto, metaverse and NFTs.

Our world is undergoing the biggest change in history, technological advancements are pushing us into the fifth revolution, one where machine and mind intertwine with each other. Companies have to adapt if they want to keep up with the change in consumer behavior and market trends.

During the past five years I have dedicated myself to studying the Blockchain revolution and how it can help position businesses as industry leaders. This includes new technologies such as NFTs, Metaverse, Cryptocurrencies, Web3 applications in general.

What we are experiencing today is like the internet in the 90’s, early days where global adoption has not happened yet. The future will belong to those who are eager to learn more about how these technologies can grow their brand.



  • Founder & Freelancer at Consult .MCK
  • Founder & Managing Director at The Fleming (Art & Dance Music)
  • Marketing Operations Manager at IWG (Regus & Spaces) – Coworking Solutions
  • Sales & Marketing Executive at Ryanair – Airline Industry
  • Business Development at j2 Global – Cloud Computing
  • Sales Executive at Hertz – Business Logistics


  • Entrepreneurship – MIT online education
  • International Business Management – University of Wales
  • Multimedia techniques – VISO Ghent Belgium


  • Social Media Growth
  • Marketing Strategy development
  • Marketing funnel optimisation
  • Alternative revenue streams
  • Content development

“Michael transformed my website and repositioned my brand to our target audience in a way previous partners have not been able to. A broad perspective and deep market insights is what has been key here for our success.”

Sophie Dumond

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